Sponsor a Child
by Vic Zarley
Please feed and clothe us!

For over six years, my wife and I have been a sponsor of Jessa Mae, one of the children who is a part of Agape Outreach Ministry. We have regularly received mail from our little girl and she has sent photos of her and given us updates on her life in the Philippines.It is great to know that 100% of the $20 we send each month goes for Jessa Mae's needs (which really can't be said of many other "sponsor a child" programs). Some of the other programs take out as much as 80% for administrative costs, leaving the child with 20% of the funds raised.

Young girl

Kelly and Bellie Neal have had a calling, a mission, to set up a center for the children, who, besides going through many other emotional traumas in their short lives, often aren't fed enough because the parents simply don't have the money.

Here are some personal thoughts I'd like to share with you. Can I save the whole world? There's too much poverty around for me to make any difference so why bother? However, if I contribute something, anything to help another less fortunate than myself, I can make a difference. Our little girl, Jessa Mae, is getting ready to go to a Bible college where, because of her foundation in the Lord, she'll be able to grasp the deeper principles of Christianity and be made ready to share the Gospel with others in the Philippines and beyond. Because we have been faithful for these 6 years, our little girl's life will make an impact on hundreds, maybe even thousands of lives. How exciting is that? This is how it works in this fallen world. Christianity is shared, one life at a time and each of them, because of the good witness of the first one, shares it with others.

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What difference can you make? It is so easy to spend a few dollars for things you don't really need. You might buy a Coke at McDonalds where any size drink is "only a dollar" when you could have gotten by with free water. You might buy a cookie, or a snack of any kind and not give it another thought. You may not even go through the mental gymnastics anymore in which you consider, "How wonderful it is that I live in a society where there is so much opportunity and I am able to pick and choose just about anything I want." Wealth and status quickly become taken for granted and even expected when we are surrounded by its symbols. It is then, however, very easy not to even see that people live in the third world and often do not even know where their next meal is coming from. Is there not a little tinge of conscience, a tiny bit of heartbreak for those who live in squalid conditions? If so, you have the heart of Jesus, you have the heart of God.

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Please sponsor a child. I know you can find $20.00 a month where you can cut down on something. Were there any bad habits you were wanting to eliminate from your life? Cigarettes, alcoholic drinks, or perhaps other things? It doesn't hurt to deprive ourselves a little for someone else, especially when you consider Kelly and Bellie Neal's faithfulness to the children. Every cent of the $20.00 that a sponsored child receives each month goes to that child. Kelly and Bellie have needs, also, as they supply a loving home for 9 children as well as feed 40+ children every weekend. Yes, Kelly and Bellie Neal need sponsors also and the Lord moves people to help them as well for they provide the infrastructure there in the Philippines. But not one cent comes from the children's sponsor money for Kelly and Bellie Neal and their needs.

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From this site, soon, you will be able to contribute toward the general needs of Agape Outreach Ministry through Paypal. And please consider helping this way, if you can. But, I can attest that sponsoring a child in need can be quite gratifying. Receiving a letter from Jessa Mae is something our family looks forward to. Knowing we have helped her life be so much better than it might have been, actually makes us smile and feel warm inside. I know, I know, much of the world is impoverished and there are millions upon millions of people in dire need, but don't be discouraged about that. Help this one. Or help that one. And, while you're at it, dig deep into the Christian faith practicing the teachings that you might be a light in this dark world, too. Now more than ever we all need to pray like we never have before and reach unceasingly for God, through His Son, Jesus Christ because the world is going through very painful birth pangs.

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Please do not be so narrowly focused that you can't see the needs of others in this world. Open your eyes wider, and open your heart, too, knowing that the amount of love you can share could be multiplied many times if you desire it to. We often box ourselves into a certain format for our lives, and just consider we are that way and we'll stay that way until we die. Please understand that the security you protect yourself with and the box you have put yourself in is fabricated...it is false and the bottom will fall out of the box and you will need to redefine yourself as God created you, with His Son, Jesus. The security you place in the bank, in the trust fund, in the stocks and bonds will not protect you from the greater picture God is showing us right now. Something big is happening that will rip our secure rugs from beneath our feet and make us run to the Lord

Meanwhile, though, begin to get with the program God wants us to follow. Help others and don't be so self-focused. Trust God more and mankind less. Be a servant, just as Jesus was, when He washed the feet of His disciples. He said we are to do that to others. When you become humble and open your lives to the children in the Philippines, you are, in a sense, washing their feet and Jesus smiles on that.

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Our lives in the Lord do not have to be so rigid and structured. Just as we are not to box ourselves into pretty and neat little packages of boring routine, neither are we supposed to make our religion so neat and tidy that we can't live it because we won't reach out to those who make us uncomfortable. Just because we refuse to see something, it doesn't mean it's not there. Reach out to the Philippines with your love and your substance and help someone today. God bless you as you consider this. Go to the contact page and tell us your desire. How can Agape Outreach Ministry help you obtain the heart of God by encouraging you to sponsor a child?

If you want to sponsor a child, similar to the ones shown on this page, please let us know. We should be able to email you a picture of some children that are available for sponsorship and get you started. All of the children who are up for sponsorship have to meet certain requirements. They have to attend Sunday School regularly and they have to be willing to write to their sponsors periodically. Should they cease doing these things, they become ineligible for sponsorship and you would have to consider another child to sponsor.

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I do not want to share the children's personal lives over the Internet so I have kept this page generic but once we see you are interested in helping, you will be informed of your child's circumstances. The children's needs vary and some may even have medical situations they are dealing with. Please help us help the kids!