Many lives have been touched through the Agape Outreach Ministry. Here, some of the sponsors and affiliates share their experiences. If you are involved with the ministry and have a testimonial or testimony you'd like to share, you may contact the site administrator. Also, be sure to read the first-hand accounts of ministry life on Kelly & Bellie's Blog.

Sponsor a Child
by Vic Zarley

For over six years, my wife and I have been a sponsor of Jessa Mae, one of the children who is a part of Agape Outreach Ministry. We have regularly received mail from our little girl and she has sent photos of her and given us updates on her life in the Philippines.It is great to know that 100% of the $20 we send each month goes for Jessa Mae's needs (which really can't be said of many other "sponsor a child" programs). Read Testimonial...

Letter of Recommendation
From Bob and Glenyce Doorn of Christian Fellowship International

This letter will serve as an honest recommendation of Brother Kelly Neal. This humble servant of the Lord has dedicated his life along with his wife, Bellie, a Filipina sister in Christ, to reaching and serving the poor underprivileged children

I have personally known Brother Kelly for a number of years and know him to be honest and forthright in sharing his burden and seeking financial help to do the work to which God has called him and his precious wife. Read Testimonial...