Our Ministry

An image of Kelly and Belly Neal

Kelly and Bellie Neal founded the ministry in Cebu City, Phillippines, 9 years ago. The two reside in a 94-year-old house where they provide full-time for the needs of four children, and part-time for the needs of over 50 children and their families. Kelly Neal, who many years ago discovered a special calling and affection for this far away land and it's people, performs the upkeep of the property and raises the money that makes their work possible. His wife Bellie is a doctor who has devoted her practice to treating the cuts, wounds and illnesses of the children in the couples' care, as well as those of the village children and families. The couple, as well as several live-in volunteers, tend to the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the children and often times their siblings and parents. They make sure those in their care have food, shelter, medicine, education, and spiritual nurturing.

Kelly Neal holding newborn baby

True to the Biblical principles on which it was founded, Agape Outreach Ministy has the policy of never turning a child away. This is made possible in part by generous donations from sponsors. Sadly, because there are often more children than sponsors, and because of the ministry's operating costs (kept completely separate from the cost of the childrens' care, ensuring that they receive the full benefit of the sponsorships), Kelly Neal spends up to 50% of his time working odd jobs and fundraising back in the U.S. This leaves his wife and the children vulnerable to hardship and the violent crimes prevalent in the area. It is the goal of the ministry to raise enough money through sponsorships and operating cost donations alone to keep Kelly where he needs to be--with his family and his ministry.