Geraldine in her cap and gown

March, 2009

Geraldiine graduated from her Nursing course on March 26, the day Kelly was supposed to arrive. When Kelly came on April 16, Gege and Kelly hugged each other and cried buckets over Kelly's absence during her graduation. We were all teary eyed watching them.

Geraldine after graduating went on duty to the hospital with her nurse's cap on her head and nurse's pin pinned on her collar. I was a proud mama.

--Bellie Neal

February, 2009

Perhaps most noteably in the ministry at the moment is the construction of the new website. It was begun this month, and the projected completion will be by the end of this month, the Lord willing. Of course, like most things, it is a work in progress, and over the course of several months, new functionality will be added that will help convey the importance of the ministry's work in an interactive way, as well as keep current sponsors up to date on events in the sponsored children's lives.

Check back periodically, as Easter is not too far off, and the ministry will no doubt have much to share about how we celebrate this most important of holidays.

January 17, 2009

Agape Outreach Ministry hosted a get-together at the Lighthouse of Prayer Church in Louisville, KY. The purpose was four-fold:

  1. Save souls.
  2. Bring unity between God, church and ministries.
  3. Raise supplies, money and evangelists for the many missions of God's church.
  4. Thank those who have sown into Agape Outreach Ministry with their time, prayer, or money.