RidenRiden is the youngest of six siblings. His father’s hands are always busy working. He is the most industrious man I observe in our neighborhood. Riden came to our house when he was only 4 years old, tagging along with his older sister.

He was a silent boy, content just to be hanging around. Kelly and I would notice the more noisy ones, not him. But that changed after Kelly came back from the states last time. Riden climbed up and sat on Kelly's lap for hours! He missed tito Kelly. He comes to the house early when it is a school day to get his allowance. He sometimes comes to wake tito Kelly with a kiss. At times when another kid is sitting on Kelly's lap, Riden will pull that kid off so he can take his place.

Riden was very slow in class. He took Grade I and Grade III twice. Riden has to have a tutor so we can be assured he gets the lesson right. We want him to make it through the school year successfully. Riden has had a lying and a thieving problem. Unlike his older brother, Eric, Riden's lying and thieving problem was very mild. In fact, it's been months since I have heard that he misbehaved. Spending time with children, letting them know they are loved and instilling the word of God in them matters a lot. Riden is a very lovable kid and has had big changes in his life since we had him.