Mary Jean
Mary JeanMary Jean Rose was born on November 12, 1995. She is born out of wedlock. Her father is married. While her mother was pregnant with Mary Jean, she found a boyfriend. When Mary Jean was born, her mother’s boyfriend bought milk for her. Finally, the two decided to live together. Mary Jean grew up with a good father figure. He is very responsible and cared for her and her mother. Mary Jean calls him “daddy.” The couple did not have any child so Mary Jean is their only child. All teachers in the elementary school compared Mary Jean to her cousins. They wonder why Mary Jean is so behaved. When people compared Mary Jean to her mother, Mary Jean stills stands out in character. She was raised well.

There was a time that her mother and her mother’s boyfriend separated. The mother was drunk all the time. Mary Jean sat by her sleeping mother and laid her hand on her while praying. Mary Jean prays and reads the Bible before she sleeps every night. The mother’s boyfriend still gave money for Mary Jean everyday. Mary Jean was sad about her parent’s situation. She made a long letter for her daddy thanking him for taking care of her like a real daddy. He cried. Mary Jean requested for prayer that her parents would be back together. It was over a year later that finally, her mother forgave him and they are together again.

Mary Jean wants to be a teacher someday.