MarrishMarrish was born on July 1, 1996. She is the eldest of 4 siblings. Her father works as a security guard in the big city. Her mother is a housewife. The family recently moved back to Cebu but the father stays behind in the big city because of his job. Marrish used to be a consistent honor pupil but during her last year in the elementary grade, she did not have any honors. She went with the wrong group. Now she has learned her lesson and yet she is to prove her worth.

When I first saw her, she was helping her mama make jelly. She cooks, runs errands and helps around the house. She also takes turns watching over her baby brother when mother does laundry.

She and siblings listen intently when I hold bible study with her grandmother. The bible study in the end is a mixture of bible story for kids and bible study for adults. Marrish had long wanted to be in Carmen on Saturdays with the other kids. For some reason I tend to forget her and that happened twice. The third was the worst. After dressing her grandmother’s wound, I told Marrish, who’d readied herself to go with me, that I will have to get the other kids first and then pick her up on my way back to Carmen. Coming back with the other kids, I was talking to one of the mothers inside the tricycle and totally forgot about her. I remembered her only at 9:00 p.m. when I was talking to my college girls about some new kids. I could not sleep that night thinking about how she must have felt. The following morning when I went to dress her grandmother’s wound, I was informed that she had been standing across the street for a long time, and in the rain, even until 3:00 p.m.! I was so embarrassed. When she came in, she smiled sweetly at me like she never had that long wait. Perhaps the Lord allowed me to forget if I will spend more time with her. It is a Sunday today and time for me to make sponsor letters with the kids. Marrish is here in the house for the first time, acquainting and bonding with the kids. Marrish has a very sweet personality.