MarcelinoMarcelino was born on August 25, 2001. His father passed away and they moved to live with grandparents. Marcelino’s mother earns a living by selling green mangoes and other fruits in season. She sells in the elementary school where Marcelino is enrolled. What she gains is not enough for them but at least she can also watch over him while he is in school. Marcelino’s mother also takes care of his grandparents. Marcelino’s grandfather is hypertensive. He has been paralyzed for many years now. Marcelino’s aunt and uncle live close by. Another aunt lives with them and is the one earning for their meals. This aunt is separated from her husband, and her son is Marcelino’s buddy. They play together with other first cousins that live close by. Marcelino is a very silent kid. His mental development is late. He read late and has difficulty learning his lessons. The teacher had a hard time with him. The boy is obedient and behaved.