Eva Mae
Eva MaeEva Mae was born on December 26, 995. Eva Mae is the fifth of eight siblings. Her father is a carpenter and her mother is a housewife. Sometimes her mother does laundry for others.

Eva Mae used to run along with cousins and cut class. She was often fussed at for missing school. She was bright in class but without any thought of preparing for the future. Then one day she ceased missing classes and showed diligence in her studies. The classmates told me she is top in class every examination time. The school year was almost over when the classmates told me she is second honor in her class. I went to inquire from the teacher why she only ranked second. Her simple and polite answer was, “Ma’am, character really counts.” I had no prayer with that answer. Through the years, I see changes in Eva Mae. However it may be slow, but she is getting there.

Eva Mae is interested in learning. I have kids that are not doing well in math and I tutored them. Eva Mae hangs around to take the test with them. She also hangs around when I experiment in cooking new recipes. She just doesn’t like most vegetables although she has learned to eat some.

When she was in the elementary grade, she was my assistant in proofreading the sponsor letters of the kids including high school and college kids. She speaks better English than most of them.

Eva Mae sometimes takes over teaching bible stories to preschoolers and primary graders.

She is enrolled in a government school that only a privileged few could enroll in. She wants to be a teacher someday.