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Is God convicting you of the need to help others who are less fortunate than you? He may not be calling you to sell all you own and follow Him to the Philippines (or places beyond), but you can fulfill God's command in the Word to help "the least of these" by allowing the Neal's team to place a hut in your place of business so that others can contribute toward Kelly's calling and help the kids in the Philippines.

Can you be so bold as to do that?

In front of the cash register in retail businesses might be the ideal place to set up one of Kelly's huts. Just before people pay for what you sell, let their eyes see a little of the impoverishment that exists in another part of the world. Help them see that there is more to this life than trying to maintain comfort for them and their families.

Once you have established a hut in your place of business, talk it up a little. Invite your customers to visit this web site and, perhaps consider foregoing the coffee and doughnuts or other luxury for a time in order to sponsor a child in the Philippines for only $20.00 a month--or invite them to, perhaps, help Kelly and Bellie Neal with their ministry needs by sponsoring them for $10.00 or more a month. Remember, the Neals have a 24/7 ministry in the Philippines.

If you are a business owner, please consider obtaining a hut so your customers can help Kelly and Bellie Neal's children's ministry in the Philippines. in which their doors are always open for those in need, whether they be children or adults, however, the children seem to be drawn to them and they are being blessed through the Christ-like love of the Neals.

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The Neals are being guided to purchase some land and to build something more substantial than the one bedroom shack with no running water they have now. This land has been found and it is high on their prayer list to be able to purchase it so that they will eventually be able to expand what the Lord has put upon their hearts to do in the Philippines.

Can you help?

Go to our contact page and tell us what kind of business you have, your address, your phone number and we'll get back to you with when we can set up your hut.