How you can help

There are two ways that you can help: you may sponsor a child or children, or you may contribute to covering the operating costs of the ministry. The ministry is very careful to keep these two gifts separate in order to ensure that 100% of the sponsorship money goes to each child's care.

Option 1: Child Sponsorship

If you choose to sponsor a child, the recommended donation is $20/month, for a period of one year, though there is certainly no obligation. This set amount helps us to plan for expenses, and the year-long recommended commitment gives the ministry time to nurture a sense of responsibility in the child, who has requirements, such as studying and attending activities, in order to keep his or her sponsor.

Your sponsorship pays for:

  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Personal needs
  • Education
  • Vitamins/minerals
  • Anti-biotics, cold-medicines, painkillers, etc.
  • Treatments for cuts and wounds
  • Bug spray and insect bite treatments
  • Treats for birthdays/Christmas

Should you decide to sponsor a child, the child will write you every three months to give you an update on his or her life, and you are encouraged to write them back as often as possible, and send pictures that they can display and show off to friends and younger siblings. Love and compassion have a central place in the Neal's household, and this correspondence helps encourage that. Please contact us to get started.

Option 2: Operating Expenses

If you feel moved to give a gift toward covering operating costs, there are plenty of utility expenses, not to mention many ongoing projects. The ministry is planning a garden, a library, and additional activities in order to enrich the lives of the children and the community. In addition, Kelly Neal does most of the grounds and buildings maintenance himself in order to reduce costs, and in a 94-year-old house, there is rarely shortage of work. If you feel led to contribute to one of these or many other projects, please contact the ministry and inquire for further details.

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