If you have chosen to sponsor a child or make a donation, you have decided to make the best kind of investment--investment in a young person, investment in the future. But the ministry can't express its gratitude as well as the children can, through smiles, healthy bodies, and flourishing minds. We will let them thank you through the pictures, letters, and life successes!

If you aren't yet sure how to help, we urge you to use the form to ask us anything that will help you in your decision, and to pray about it.

If you are an existing sponsor or donor, you have seen the smiles.

Thank you, and God bless!

Donations and sponsor payments can be made through PayPal, or they can be sent to:

Agape Outreach Ministry
P.O. Box 20785
Louisville, KY 40250

IMPORTANT! Never send cash to the ministry's address in the Philippines.